Thursday, 13 February 2014

The season is starting

FARG had news today of an amphibian find during a greenhouse tidying spree by local naturalist Annie.
She moved a piece of wood to find an upside-down sleeping newt and a rather fat frog.
Here's a close up of it still fast asleep. The spotted chin shows it to be a Smooth Newt.
After being gently woken it was put back in a safe place to go back to sleep.

FARG member Pauline had a bit of interesting news last week when at a construction site a large number of hibernating newts when some old brickwork was moved. The final count was 11 Great Crested Newts and about 60 Smooth Newts. At a known Great Crested Newt site but our survey work would probably not find as many as this. It would be good to know how far they have traveled to hibernate together.

If you find any amphibians or reptiles in the Fylde please record them here
It's really easy

Who is going to be the first to tell us they have spawn in their garden pond?

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