Tuesday, 23 September 2014

FARG member in NW Wales sand lizard release

FARG member Ray has just sent through these pictures from the recent sand lizard release scheme in North Wales
Picture of Ruth from Chester Zoo and typical habitat
Preparing animals for release, the only pic in the sun though it did come out again in the afternoon

Bank where some of the animals were released.
One on its way
A young Herpetologist in the making
Another shot of where animals were released
Recording the sex prior to release

Forming an orderly queue it was a good turnout and everyone wanted to release one
Waiting to go - what lies ahead?
The small one is about 10 days old, the larger ones are about 6 weeks old, shows how much growth can happen in a few weeks
He says "In total  140 lizards have now been released at this site leaving only 10 for next year (may be a few more) not sure where the next reintroduction will be"

Hopefully it will be our own sand dune system, the habitat doesn't look much different to that in the pictures above.