Sunday, 7 October 2012

Odd Great Crested Newt records

FARG has recently received news of a frog rescue - from down a deep hole which was about to be filled in - of about 20 frogs and a newt, which turned out to be a Great Crest.

Both pictures by Dave Barker
Following a conversation another member told us of another Great Crest find he'd recently heard of that had somehow found its way inside a window frame or wall cavity around the frame. When the window was  'ripped out a 'lizard' fell to the floor and walked away...the builders pic revealed it as a Great Crest...nice but now we need to establish where this one originated from as it is in a 'new' part of town for them - detective work will have to wait until the spring!

If you have any autumn records of Fylde's amphibians or reptiles please let us know in the comments box below or use the new simple recording page on our website.