Friday, 17 February 2012

The season begins

News just in from member Ray is that he has seen his first amphibians of the year. 
Namely two Toads risking life and limb crossing the road and a female Smooth Newt he spotted in the bottom of a nearby ditch.
A 2 year old Frog was seen at a different site the previous day.  
Please start reporting your Fylde amphibian sightings as you find them, and any reptiles too but they might not be out for a few more weeks yet.
We need your name, the species (or a photo if you're not sure; for female newts gently wrangle them so that we can see the underside of their chin, for the males a good picture of their back feet is useful), the location and the date you saw it/them. 
Records from garden ponds a very welcome.

Thank you.