Friday, 17 June 2011

Pond life - it's not all about amphibians.

FARG member Alan took these pictures at his garden pond this week.4-spotted Chaser dragonfly

A Water Scorpion showing its breathing snorkel and ferocious beak-like mouthparts

A mating pair of Azure Damselflies. They are on a leaf of Potamogeton, pond weed, which shows the characteristic semi-circular cut-outs made by a Brown China Mark caterpillar - a rather nonedescript moth whose larvae is aquatic. It cuts the shape from the edge of the leaf then sticks it to the underside of the leaf with silk and lives protected from view in there - a bit like an underwater sleeping bag.

Finally we do have an amphibian for you...a male Palmate Newt. Please be careful when recording the small newt species as although they are much less common than Smooth Newts Palmate Newts do occur in the Fylde. Females, and non-breeding males are more difficult to tell apart - look for a flesh coloured unspotted (or very few fine spots) chin, Smooth Newts will have a yellowish often well spotted chin. If in doubt get a pic and send it to us, we'll do our best to ID it for you.

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