Friday, 11 March 2011

Be on the look out for toads this coming week

Above - Common Toad by Raf Lopato of South Shore, Blackpool.

Now that the days are lengthening and the sun is warming the water keep an eye out for toads moving to their breeding ponds.
Fylde Amphibian & Reptile Group would like to know how many of you have toads breeding in your garden ponds, or any other ponds you know of.
They are seriously under-recorded in our area even though, or probably because, they are quite common.

So how can you tell if they are frogs or toads?
Toads have a dry, warty skin – although it may be wet if they have been in the pond or out in the rain but it is never smooth.
Toads walk rather than hop, they can only manage short hops and they can’t jump long distances like frogs
Toad spawn is laid in long strings containing paired strands of eggs quite unlike the big more or less spherical blobs of frog spawn. We have recorded the Fylde’s first frog spawn of the year today – have you beaten us and already got some in your pond – if so please tell us.
If you have seen a problem area where large numbers of toads are being killed or injured crossing a road to get to their breeding pond please let us know.
To get in touch email us at fyldearg @ (without the spaces) – we welcome any records of frogs, toads, newts, lizards, snakes, slow worms from the Fylde area of Lancashire. You can also send us your Fylde amphibian and/or reptile pictures either for identification or for use on this blog or our official website (with your permission of course) which will be online shortly.
When our new website is available you will be able to directly upload your records very easily.
To join the group and get actively involved in our amphibian and reptile survey work our subscription is only £6.00/year.


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